Google Webmaster Video: Do Tag Clouds Help or Hinder SEO?

How To Build a Successful Blog Business eBook Review

I am 100 pages into this great new book I picked up, and I do not want to put down. I read a lot of eBooks and guides each year. The single greatest investment you can make these days is the investment in yourself by learning new things about your business. I try to read 2 new books a month, and when I find a really informative book I try to shout it out to everyone I know. This is one of those times, because this book is amazing.

How To Build a Successful Blog Business by Colis Ta’eed

Collis Ta’eed is the creator and cofounder of Envato and Tuts+, producing informative blogs and websites that serve over fifty million pageviews a month.

In How to Build a Successful Blog Business Collis shares tips from his years of operating kick ass blogs, and reveals stats, graphs, revenue figures and inside details from three real world case studies.

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Collis really knows what he is talking about. Having built, managed and sold websites successfully myself for the past 5 years or so, I can say the information given by Collis is spot on. If I had this book when I started my business years ago, I probably would have tripled my income I have today. I highly recommend this book.

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Stop Treating Yahoo and Bing like a Red Headed Stepchild…

red headed stepchildYahoo recently announced that their organic search results will soon be powered by Bing in the early fall. Both companies have already begun testing this new merger on some of their result pages. According to the latest comScore data, Yahoo and Bing have a combined search market share of 31.6% in June 2010.

Combined, both companies websites have received 5.4 billion search queries last month.

Read that again, 5.4 billion search queries.

Now, most everyone knows that Google is the powerhouse when it comes to traffic. With the vast amount of products and services they offer their user base, and the fact that most of it is free and really great to use, it is not too difficult to understand why. For that reason it is understood why most Internet Marketers spend ALL THEIR TIME working on their rankings in Google, and don’t even bother with checking their results on the other two. In a time crunch, I do that myself.

Stop it right now.

Is Yahoo and Bing Worth Optimizing For?

5.4 billion search queries is NOTHING to turn your nose up at. That information combined with the fact that some individuals still use Yahoo for their search results is lost traffic potential for you. Once more, if you spend your time and energy and depend on the current rankings of Yahoo and not Bing, come September, you are in for a rude awakening.

So, my suggestion is this. Make sure you go right now and look at your main keyword rankings in Bing. Take two or three specific pages on your website and start making small incremental changes and see how the results play out on Bing. Take good notes, make sure you follow the rules on only optimizing one keyword per page, optimize images, etc. and pay attention to those changes. Read up on the Webmaster Resources eBook that Microsoft released on Bing specifically. The download can be found here. Remember, these other Search Engines are not useless. Targeted traffic is sales potential.

Wednesday Internet Marketing Links – July 21, 2010

Right to the links today. Thought these were some cool items everyone could appreciate.

Free Sketchy Social Media Icons

I thought these looked really cool. Use these on your website, blog, etc. Make sure you always read the licensing agreement for free icons or other web/digital materials. You may not be able to distribute these on websites for profit, resell these, redistribute these, etc. It doesn’t matter which site they came from, do not put yourself in that situation. If you do have any questions on these types of products, always email the creator of the materials. It will save you a headache in the future.


30 iPad apps for Designers and Creative People

I have only had my iPad for a few weeks now, and I love it. I think it is a very cool toy to have, and I do use it to watch TV shows and surf the internet, but I use it mostly for work. A lot of my writing is done on the iPad, and I have written more in the past 30 days than I have in years. This list of apps is great for those of you who design websites, are graphic designers, or have that creative juice flowing through you. I have used some of the apps myself, and when I do get the chance I will probably buy the entire list.


A Complete Guide to A/B Testing

Every online campaign should be extensively tested to maximize your return. Sometimes a focus group is necessary, but not always available. It is great to do A/B Testing to make sure the message is accurately received by your intended audience. Here is a great little guide to what should and what should not be done. Great read!


Google AdWords Advertising Network Review

You have a great site and it’s getting some web traffic, but you want to increase your market visibility quickly, effectively, and in the most cost-efficient way. It’s time to do some Internet marketing, but where to start? A great first step is utilizing advertising networks. But there are nearly as many advertising networks out there as there are web sites, so whom should you use? While the opportunities are nearly endless, your budget may dictate limits. In this article, I will discuss a few of the primarily ad networks and give you the information you need—before you spend your precious advertising dollars.

Pay Per Click Results

In writing these reviews, I gathered data and information both my personal current dealings with each network and an informal focus group of small and medium-sized businesses. Each network was tested by at least two different industries for 60 days or more. While informative, this approach was hardly scientific, so consider this information as a guide and not a rulebook. After all, each industry campaign and ad network will experience different levels of success, so your experience may be different.

For each individual advertising network I will be focusing on the Spending & Competition, Ease of Use, and Customer Service. Additionally, we also created pros and cons for each of the networks we are reviewing. The advertising networks we reviewed are a few of the largest and most well known:

Google Adwords LogoGoogle AdWords Review

Google is a monster of a company, spanning the globe with numerous tools and resources for any type of business. Not just a search engine, but we are talking email, documents and spreadsheets, maps, and the list continues to grow every year. As Google receives about 85% of the worldwide search market share, most people normally go here first.

This does NOT MEAN that every business or entity will thrive on Google AdWords and that alone. There are many contributing factors that will decide what the best advertising network will be so it is imperative that a test be made to try ALL of the advertising networks.

Spending & Competition

This is where it gets complicated. Because of Google’s extensive reach, competition by keyword in the Google network can be fierce (depending on the type of product or service). Because of this competition, you can spend a big chunk of change for your ad, and only get a handful of click throughs—meaning general searches will potentially cost you as much as $55.00 a click or more. It’s like giving everyone who visits your site a gift certificate for a nice dinner—without them making a purchase or even promising to visit your site again! It is often a more cost-effective approach to research less common and more subject-specific “niche” keywords to describe your product to decrease your competition using Googles extensive keyword search tools.

Ease of Use

Here is where Google really shines—it’s so simple my 4 year old daughter could do it! It is very simple to create an account, and is by far the easiest network with which to coordinate your campaigns. There is a very expansive FAQ section and help guide, and the extensive forums and chat rooms filled with like-minded business owners that are happy to offer you advice and share experiences can’t be beat—and backed with analytics and cross-channel marketing, this networking tool is a top notch service.

Customer Service

Google employs some of the nicest people I have ever chatted with/spoken to. Whether I had a general question, billing concern, or a question on how items operate, my questions were answered perfectly—both by phone, email, or chat. However, they cannot currently help you optimize your marketing goals on the phone. They have optimizer tools to help maximize your campaign potential, and reports they can send you with advice on how to improve, but offering this type of service will probably understandably never happen.

Pros and Cons of Google Adwords


  • Extensive number of tools and resources that can provide a complete and detailed marketing picture
  • Easy to set up conversion tracking and multiple campaign testing
  • Very smart machine that will rotate the best performing ads and keywords


  • On more than one occasion, the companies polled all noticed the level of customer service changed depending on how much you spent. Those businesses who spent small amounts monthly were offered only email support, while those with large spends had email and IM chat help.
  • Can be very expensive, depending on the market.
  • With all advertising networks, once the money stops coming in, so does the traffic.