Wednesday Internet Marketing Links – January 5th, 2011

Hey all, some really good links today. I will get right to it, as I am finishing up some last minute edits on the eBook I hope to launch this week. If you are one of the subscribers to my newsletter, you get advance look at the eBook, as well as some pretty sweet bonuses that WILL save you some money if you do not have any hosting plans yet. Stay tuned, as I will be posting more information on the site throughout the week! Happy blogging!

7 Questions Small Businesses Should Be Asking

If you have a small business, these Internet Marketing questions are essential. This should be the top of the list questions for anyone trying to gauge their place on the Internet. Great read!

Battle of The Business Cards has a really good write-up of some of the online business card printers handled the same business card design. This is great to see the side-by-side comparison on quality, ship times, etc.

Busting the Top 3 Blogging Myths

This article explains the top three blogging myths, including guest posting on blogs. Guest posting is one of the major items on my list of things to focus on this year. I already started writing some articles specifically for guest posting opportunities.

Wednesday Internet Marketing Links – August 18th, 2010

Real short day today. Finishing up 2 websites at the same time. Both are due tonight/tomorrow morning and I plan on taking the little one to a baseball game tonight. I hope your day is as fulfilling as mine.

7 Visual Tips for Creating a Great Blog Post

I try to incorporate at least one of these items in each main post I do. Some great stuff here.

5 Steps to Build a Twitter Marketing Strategy

I believe that Twitter is an invaluable tool for every business. It really helps to keep your customers informed on what you are doing, what you are selling, etc. Actually, I was using Twitter this afternoon to check and see if the local Minor League Baseball game was happening due to the rain here in NJ. They have a great twitter feed that lets you know whats happening. As of right now, it’s baseball time tonight!

Wednesday Internet Marketing Links – August 11, 2010

Whoops. See what happens when you update a site late in the morning? You put the wrong date in the publish portion of the site. Apologies, but this is a great way to tell everyone to think like a carpenter when working on your website: Measure Twice, Cut Once. Make sure you double and triple check the site publish times to make sure this is done correctly. On to the links!

Google Wave GravestoneR.I.P Google Wave

Everyone, including myself, was extremely hyped to see Google Wave come out. The social networking sites were going nuts with people looking to get beta invites. Unfortunately, with the powerhouses of Twitter and Facebook, it never really hit its mark. They are discontinuing the project, and it is a shame. It had a lot of potential. We will miss you, Google Wave!

Source: Google Blog

10 Creative Ways Businesses Used Twitter in 2009

Nowadays, Twitter is an essential part of anyones business strategy, or it darn well should be. Twitter has gained more popularity in the recent 12 months because of its ease of use and infinite marketing capabilities. Here is some great examples of how businesses have used the power of Twitter to promote their brand, service, or product. Simply put, if you do not use Twitter as an essential marketing tool, you need to reconsider why.

Source: Small Business Search Marketing Blog

Don’t Let Your Web Design Become a Nightmare

“Do you go to an orthopedist to get your eyes checked? Do you go to your oil guy for major engine work? Do you get your house painted by a fine artist? A beautiful mural created by a simple house painter? Of course not.

Though they work in similar areas or mediums, they need special knowledge or skills to perform the job well. So why do you go to marketing firms or graphic artists to create your websites, to create your web design?”

Source: Search Engine Watch

Wednesday Internet Marketing Links – July 21, 2010

Right to the links today. Thought these were some cool items everyone could appreciate.

Free Sketchy Social Media Icons

I thought these looked really cool. Use these on your website, blog, etc. Make sure you always read the licensing agreement for free icons or other web/digital materials. You may not be able to distribute these on websites for profit, resell these, redistribute these, etc. It doesn’t matter which site they came from, do not put yourself in that situation. If you do have any questions on these types of products, always email the creator of the materials. It will save you a headache in the future.


30 iPad apps for Designers and Creative People

I have only had my iPad for a few weeks now, and I love it. I think it is a very cool toy to have, and I do use it to watch TV shows and surf the internet, but I use it mostly for work. A lot of my writing is done on the iPad, and I have written more in the past 30 days than I have in years. This list of apps is great for those of you who design websites, are graphic designers, or have that creative juice flowing through you. I have used some of the apps myself, and when I do get the chance I will probably buy the entire list.


A Complete Guide to A/B Testing

Every online campaign should be extensively tested to maximize your return. Sometimes a focus group is necessary, but not always available. It is great to do A/B Testing to make sure the message is accurately received by your intended audience. Here is a great little guide to what should and what should not be done. Great read!